C. M. Albrecht

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The Little Mornings

Darcy Lemarsh is a lost young man who runs into Angie Berry. Angie is really hot...and she likes Darcy.

Darcy is more than pleased that such a wonderful girl likes him. At first things go very well and shortly Angie moves Darcy into her hopelessly cluttered pad. She takes him across town to meet her alcoholic grandfather, Professor Jason Berry, a pedantic old drunk who can't make it down the hall to the bathroom; he pisses in empty wine jugs that litter his untidy den.
Unlikely as the pair are, Darcy and the professor hit it off and they have frequent wine-drinking episodes together. On the other side of the coin, Angie's dark side becomes more and more evident. She has a very suspicious, even paranoid nature and sees trouble at every turn.
When the professor tells Darcy and Angie he has just had a novel accepted by a major publisher, they can hardly believe their ears. He explains he actually wrote it some years earlier. There's a catch however, the publisher wants Berry to go on a promotional tour. 
We know Berry can't do any tours. But he likes Darcy, and Darcy has a good memory. With some decent clothes, a good haircut and a little coaching, Darcy can make the tour with Angie as his assistant.
Frightened at first, Darcy allows himself to be talked into the venture and away they go. But very soon a fellow named Arthur Haviland shows up at a signing. He tells them he's the real author of "The Little Mornings", and he can prove it.
That's when things go sideways in a disastrous series of events that lead into a downward spiral the ends in murder.
The Little Mornings                       ISBN 978-1-59431-913-6         www.writewordsinc.com Amazon, B&N and most sites.
"A murder mystery with 262 absolutely absorbing pages." — Lillian Brummet