C. M. Albrecht

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The Albemarle Affair

When Corky Middleton thinks she may have found her birth mother, she hires detectives Foster & Hall to investigate. Wow,does she open a can of worms!

Instead of finding Corky's alleged mother, the shamuses trip over a bloody corpse. And that's just the beginning of an escalating case that climbs to the top of society in this twisted tale.

Can Foster & Hall Investigations go back eighteen years to unravel this tangled web of deception and bring a murderer to justice?

The Albemarle Affair ISBN 978-1-61386-114-1 www.writewordsinc.com (Cambridge Books), B&N, Amazon and wherever books are sold.

"Something different in private detectives."

"Rich people, poor people, good people and bad people; when they clash, something has to give!"