C. M. Albrecht

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Izzy and his girlfriend Vero are very immature twenty-somethings, each living at home with a single parent. Like boats without rudders, they drift aimlessly through life.

Dyslexic Izzy's dream is to be a detective. When he hopefully places an ad in the Penney Saver he actually gets a client.

What kind of client would answer a PI ad in the Penney Saver you ask? Demo Wilson would. Demo's an equally dysfunctional young black woman with a tape obsession so severe she should have her own reality show. Her boat doesn't have a rudder either. 

But Demo's grandfather has disappeared. Police have done nothing and she hopes Izzy and Vero can help her.

They're willing to try. But unknown to them, a vicious serial killer is on the loose and he has a revenge "hit list" which includes Demo's grandfather. Before they get very far at all, these hapless detectives are up to their fedoras in danger. But they're determined to get the job done. 

Maybe in the end, this will help all three grow up and even find a new life awaiting them.
"A collection of strange characters will make you smile as you follow their movements. A tale with twists you won't expect as you stumble through red herrings that lead you in circles" — Anne Edwards The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing

Tape ISBN 978-1-61386-014-4  Available now at www.writewords.com (Cambridge Books) B&N, Amazon, and all fine book sites. Good reading!