C. M. Albrecht

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Still Life with Music
Book Three in the Steve Music Series

Like most cops, Steve Music is usually short of cash, but unlike many others, he never "moonlights".  However an attorney friend persuades Steve to consider a side job recovering compromising photos of State Senator Red Maddox without public involvement.

Victoria Maddox has poured a lot of herself, and her money, into getting Red where he is today, and just wants Steve to stop the blackmailer. 

Although he lacks sympathy for Red Maddox's peccadilloes, Steve hates blackmailers with a passion. "However," he warns her, "I'm a cop. I can do only so much without it becoming a police matter."

Victoria assures Steve that there's no reason to become involved on an official basis, and with the understanding that she merely wants him to defuse the situation, he agrees to do what he can. Steve figures he can probably nail the blackmailer on some charge or another without bringing the Maddox name into the public eye.

But when the blackmailer turns up dead, Steve quickly realizes he's got a lot more on his plate than he ever bargained for. That's when things really get bad, and Steve finds himself torn between loyalty to a client and his sworn oath as an officer of the law.

This is a tale of intrigue, deception, love, hate and murder in this Number Three of the  Steve Music Trilogy.

Still Life with Music    ISBN 978-1-59431-647-3 Available today at www.writewordsinc.com, Amazon, B&N and at most book sites. Order your copy today.