C. M. Albrecht

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River Road

Raf Rafferty is a homicide cop who flips houses in his spare time. Raf's only partner is a cat named Fido (because Raf thinks Fido thinks he's a dog). Raf never seems to get along with any other partners and besides, the city's on a tight budget.

When Raf gets assigned to the case of a teenager whose brutalized body is found down along River Road, he also gets the task of informing the girl's family.

Abbie, the victim's older and lovely elder sister, likes Raf immediately and the feeling is mutual. To spare her parents, Abbie accompanies Raf to the morgue to identify her sister.

As they get better acquainted, Raf shows Abbie his current flip house and they find they have a lot in common. But Abbie's parents feel Raf spends a lot more time courting Abbie than he does looking for the murderer of their baby. Abbie too, begins to wonder.

With the help of Fido, who can come in handy, and the unexpected help of (sometimes) psychic, Lucretia St. James, Raf and Abbie manage to sidestep their issues to home in on a killer. 

Who knew a cat and a crystal ball could be so useful in the field of crime?

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