C. M. Albrecht

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Steve Music is a Sacramento detective. With his past history of drinking and marital problems, he's considered slow by many in the department and at forty-five, he's still working the mean streets of California's capital. Others however call him the pit bull, because slow or not, when Music gets his teeth into a case, he won't — he can't — let go until he clears the case and puts an offender behind bars.

In this first Music history, Steve has a missing child on his hands. As he sifts his way through layers of suspicious characters, he meets Shelly Lambert, a volunteer for the Coalition for Missing Children. Having lost her own son to a predator eight years earlier, Shelly is as determined as Steve to try to find little Jerry Beakey and bring him safely home. But as days pass, the odds of finding Jerry alive grow slimmer by the hour.

Because of personal problems and differences, Steve and Shelly split up, but each continues to search for clues to Jerry's whereabouts until, almost as the same moment, each, working separately, comes to a horrifying conclusion that reunites them in a last-minute, deadly, hope-filled effort to bring Jerry Beakey safely home to his grieving parents.

Music ISBN 978-1-59431-621-0 www.writewordsinc.com (Cambridge Books) Amazon, B&N, and all book sellers. Next, Steve Music has to do a lot of rethinking about the usefulness of evidence in Book Two: Evidence.