C. M. Albrecht

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Deadly Reception

Chef Merle Blanc, he has the nose. And when millionaire Bernard Goldberg dies during his  wedding luncheon in the chef's restaurant, Chef Blanc's nose, he smells the murder!

What greater insult to Chef Blanc than that someone would be so callous as to commit a murder in his restaurant during a dinner he has personally overseen.

Still, doctors and police believe Goldberg's death was natural.

Now, to see justice done, Chef Blanc must keep some forty unhappy guests and employees in his restaurant long enough for him to don his apron and cook a killer's goose. And he has to get it done before closing time!

"A fun read with lots of red herrings and false trails. I'm pleased to recommend Deadly Reception as a well told tale. Surprises in store for you. You'll want to read other tales by this very able storyteller." — Anne K. Edwards www.mysteryfiction.net

"One of the year's best."— The National Investigator

Deadly Reception ISBN 978-1-61386-110-3

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